Different drive options

As you probably noticed, a four wheel robot doesn’t turn all that smoothly. Sometimes it jumps all over the place. That could mean disaster at a competition, where many things need to be done in under 60 seconds.

After the competition add on kit I ordered arrived, I tried drive mechanisms other than the usual 4 identical wheel setup. The first up was omni-directional wheels, which can be found in the competition add on kit.

Omni-directional Wheels

As you can see, they allow travel  in multiple directions

Here is the result:

Tank tracks

Likewise, there are tracks included in the competition add on kit, and of course I tried them out too!

The result:

Tank tracks with rubber grippers

Then… I thought: Why not add the rubber grippers that came with the kit? Well I did, but the result wasn’t all that desirable, have a look.

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