Design / Build / Code / 機器人設計 / 構建 / 程式編輯

  • 培養邏輯思考、解決問題的能力 / Develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • 機器人靈活運用、發揮創造極致 / Flexible robot design stimulates creativity
  • 簡單易學、激發無限可能 / Easy to learn, inspires unlimited possibilities
  • 積極參與國際賽事、提升視野與競爭力 / Participate in local and international competitions to enhance world vision

Where to start?

Download VEX IQ programming software: The latest offering from VEX Robotics is VEXcode. Using VEXcode, you can program your robot with Blocks, C++ or Python (Python is only for the newer version 2 Brain). If you’re old school and still prefer the tried and tested RobotC, you can definitely still use that. It has two modes, the Graphical (Blocks) mode and the Text mode which uses C/C++ for a programming language. The other popular blocks editor people like to use for VEX IQ is ModKit. If you don’t know which software solution you want to use – Just download and try them all. (All the Software options are FREE)

Books and online courses – by Robot-HQ

STEM Labs – by VEX Robotics

STEM Labs contains a complete curriculum with lesson plans, worksheets and quizzes, which gets added to by VEX quite frequently. It may be a little laborious and slow to work through, but it is good for beginners to get acquainted with the VEX IQ and VEXcode system. Best of all, it is all free to use.

Get Certified as an instructor – by VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics is now offering a robotics educator certification course – for free. It is relatively comprehensive, but not as thorough as the paid (600 US$) course offered by Carnegie Mellon University. This is a good course to do if you’re just starting out as a robotics coach/teacher, but in order to stay ahead of what your students know it is advisable that you continue your training in software and coding. The coding principles taught in this course cover only the very basic needs.

Computer Assisted Design – Design a ClawBot in Fusion 360

A huge part of the current technological revolution is based in design software and 3D Printing. Be a part of this by arming yourself with the knowhow. What you’ll learn in this course isn’t only limited to VEX IQ. Autodesk Fusion 360 is used every day by professional designers, earning top dollar.

Contact us for more information / 關於更多信息請聯繫我們

If you need assistance with any course, or have any questions – Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and message Robot-HQ. We are committed to helping where we can.