Robot-HQ specializes in training material for teachers and students in the interesting fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Robotics as a subject incorporates all the above subject areas and is an excellent example of interdisciplinary STEAM education. Robotics also lends itself well to collaboration and teamwork: Valuable life skills and essential for a successful career.

Robot-HQ utilize VEX IQ and VEX EDR and other platforms, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Robotics is but one part of the wider STEAM field. Our expertise extends to Electronics, the Internet of Things, Mechanical Engineering, CAD, 3D design & printing, and many more.

Frank’s educational background is in Digital & Industrial Electronics.

  • Studied at the University of Pretoria – Technology teacher.
  • Certified by Innovation First / VEX Robotics for EDR V5 Pro, IQ and CS.
  • Honorary member of Carnegie Mellon University CS2N + holds various certifications from them.
  • Certified VRC/IQ event judge

Training sessions: