I had to design some bots for display at a competition. Not real competition bots, but based on what is required for the Turning Point Competition. The first design is the Ball Puncher featured earlier and the second one is a Cap Flipper and Lift. Since the first post, the Ball Puncher has been improved in a few ways, which I’ll explain down here.

As you can see, it has loads of power now. That is because I’m using four motors for the drive instead of the original two. Two worked fine before the extra weight of the ball transport and puncher, but after that was added, it couldn’t get on the platform anymore.

Also added was an aiming mechanism for the puncher, and then I had to update the trigger mechanism, because now the puncher’s position changed.

The next robot is this Cap Flipper and Reverse Double 4 Bar Lift Bot. This one still uses the Cortex controller and probably still needs some improvements. I’m quite happy with it’s structural strength and stability so far though.

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