VEXcode V5 Text Version 1 is available!

After waiting many months for this, it finally arrived. Check out the VEX Forum to find it and more information about it.

I’ll discuss some of the most important details I have observed in the short time since I downloaded and installed it.

Two things strike one immediately after opening the program. The first is the new “Tools” Menu Tab that allows one to easily format the code, change font size and some other editing commands. There is also a link to “Advanced Help” which takes one to an API page where one can find information on all the namespaces, classes and files used in VEXcode.

The next is that there is now a graphical Robot Configuration /Device Setup available in the upper right corner.

If you prefer to set up your devices using text, that option can be found in the “Project details” by clicking on your project name and checking the box – “Enable Expert Robot Configuration”.

If one looks in the File >> Preferences menu, another of the long promised features is available: The “Light” theme (Even if it is just a “preview”). Some people felt that the dark theme wasn’t well suited for use in a classroom with a projector. That is fixed now AND one can make the text larger – Just hit Ctrl + Up/Down.

The code readability has been improved, one doesn’t have to constantly type vex:: anymore:

  • Before: LeftMotor.spin(vex::directionType::fwd);
  • After: LeftMotor.spin(forward);

Apart from all this, many more examples and tutorials have been added to those tabs in the File menu.

This is a very exiting development – be on the lookout for new VEXcode courses on offer by in the near future.

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