New Software from VEX

VEX has recently released beta versions of software that they want to use to replace RobotC, VEX Coding Studio, Modkit and all the others.

The new suites are all called: VEXcode, but there will be different versions of VEXcode for IQ and EDR V5, also each will have a Blocks version and a text version.

The Blocks version for IQ and the text version for V5 are available for download already. These are fully functional Beta versions of the coding software and you’ll find that the IQ blocks version is pretty easy to use, as it resembles Scratch and comes with a lot of preloaded examples. The text version for V5 uses C++ for code, but it isn’t nearly as intuitive as the IQ blocks version. You’ll have to be a pretty advanced coder to start using VEXcode for V5, as for one – the drag and drop motor and sensor configuration that you found in VEX Coding Studio is no more. You’ll have to do the motor and sensor setup manually, with text.

This is what the Blocks version for IQ looks like, you can click on the picture to go to the download page of the software.

You can see from this screenshot that there are many premade examples included already.

And this is what VEXcode for V5 looks like, you can also click on the picture to go to the download page.

Robot-HQ will have courses on mastering the new software available in the near future.

Until then – Happy coding!

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