Vision Sensor on VEX IQ

Well, finally the update came and VEXcode IQ Blocks supports the vision sensor now. I fooled around with it a little today and got my little speedbuild robot to follow a ball. I’m not saying the code I wrote is the best out there, but hey… The robot followed the ball!

I used simple rules like: If the vision sensor X value is lower than the threshold – Turn Left and higher means Turn Right. It doesn’t make for the smoothest driving, therefore I’ll improve the code to map the values like for the controller joystick.

The program I used looks like this:

You’ll notice that it is the new SCRATCH like VEXcode IQ Blocks. I know that Robot Mesh had the Vision Sensor included for a while now, but it is great to see that VEX now officially supports the vision sensor for IQ.

The Vision Sensor on Robot Mesh:

Enough beating about the bush, here is the little robot in action.

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